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Boulevard Collection


Boulevard Decor™ –
Project & Interior Design

“distinctive individuality yet finely crafted”

Welcome to Boulevard Décor™ – Project & Interior Design.
For the discerning, quality is an investment with the highest returns.

In the true spirit of Boulevard Collection Design Studio™, refined interior décor from Boulevard Décor™ – backed by a wealth of experience accumulated over decades.

Boulevard Decor™ embraces our project decor mechanism formulated to promote and offer a compilation of carefully selected products to compliment luxury home or corporate interior projects.

Boulevard Decor™Project & Interior Design has an extraordinary reputation in both residential and corporate design. Our portfolio is a showcase of uniqueness and professionalism – understated elegance in interior design and decorating.

This product album invites you to explore the amazing world of design and purchase bespoke interior décor elements and other items from a range of mostly internationally sourced furniture and décor.

Boulevard Decor™ presents a premier collection of unique and contemporary décor products for residential and commercial spaces. While many of our décor items are imported from Europe, others find its inspiration here in South Africa and are either semi-, or completely manufactured in our country.




For many years we have established interior themes, specified and /or designed luxury pieces and also sourced or imported the interior décor requirements to successfully contribute to the vision of clients for their interior projects.

Of utmost importance in our selection of products on display, is our focus on aesthetically pleasing capabilities of items, yet the functional quality and durability – visually and tastefully reflecting the lifestyle of our clients and their investment in their project. Products are distinguished by stylish designs and excellence in proud craftmanship.

Boulevard Collection
Design Studio™

“function specific targeted design where the project matters”

Our forte! You will work with our specialist designers to create your dream design for your kitchen and other rooms. Our efforts in this field has reached high notes of acclaim and have enjoyed high regard by the public.

Our designers will consult with you at your convenience and with one goal in sight—to help style environments where you and yours will share joyous moments in the years to come!

Boulevard Décor™ is a subsidiary of Boulevard Collection Design Studio CC, a company well renowned throughout the Southern African continent for its solid background in luxurious interior design and manufacture of cabinetry and furniture portfolios for upmarket homes since 1996.

With an impressive list of clients both national and across our borders, we pride ourselves on being attentive in tastefully addressing the detail which enhances both residential and corporate projects.

Boulevard Collection Design Studio™ has the ability to incorporate carefully selected unique compliments and accessories into its offering – hassle-free to clients and completing the project brief

Though we have numerous distinctive products in our décor collection, we are also registered brand dealers for all the major kitchen and bar appliance brands.


“A Working formula… our label fits every room …”


With years of well researched and innovative design concepts, we have established an outstanding working formula. The company offers this working formula as a full consultation option in specifying, procurement and project management service in areas relating to interior design and décor, resulting in a complete theme established by Boulevard Collection Design Studio™ as a trade mark of remarkable elegance.

Clients may consider this option as an additional service offered by ourselves on selected projects. All related cost and involvement detail are provided by means of a detailed quotation with every discipline involved individually quoted for approval. The Interior Concept Quotation document ensures transparency and clarity of agreements reached.

Working towards a common goal, these selected and approved projects are managed over a period of time and the progressive nature of projects result in prolonged involvement.

Boulevard Collection International™

“proudly associated with the world’s leading designers”

Over the years, Boulevard Collection International™ has become one of Southern Africa’s renowned leading designers, manufacturers and installers of exclusive cabinetry portfolios to the consumer market – both residential and corporate environments.

We are proud to be associated with some of the world’s leading brands that have regularly been awarded the international Reddot Design Award for a variety of products we love to incorporate into our designs of cabinetry – leaving you feeling confident with the outstanding products we are able to offer without compromise.

We have one goal in mind – that of designing and creating highly functional yet elegantly designed interiors to fulfill every requirement hassle – free to our customer. Our targeted design approach takes into account individual style defined by clients and their architects

Boulevard Collection International™ offers a unique all-round Project Management and Procurement Service on request, which helps to differentiate, amongst others, its service from other kitchen cupboard manufacturers.

With the right infra – structure in place, Boulevard Collection International™ is able to project manage large projects in the Southern African region. Having done much work in the SADC countries for over a decade, we have a proven record of successful interior cabinetry and décor installations executed. Our procurement of decor- and value adding products to compliment projects have made us become a sought-after supplier to many.

Boulevard Collection Cabinetry

“A chef can be seen as a modern alchemist turning the base materials into the gold of the finished dish, then like his ancient predecessors, he requires the contemporary version of the alembic and worn: the stoves and sinks, worktops and fridges, mixers and knives, and all the rest of the equipment …”

Welcome to our world of designing exclusive cupboard and fine fitted furniture portfolios for both the complete home and corporate environments.

Boulevard Collection International™ is a renowned and leading designing and manufacturing company of, amongst others, custom designed kitchens, bars, bedroom cupboards and the list continues, as can be viewed in this online showroom. Words do not describe our cabinetry. The label stands for “the boulevard idea” – our phrase that encapsulates our approach of not limiting design possibilities by any means, whether it be by limitations in materials, manufacturing processes, or other.

In stark contrast to the norm, Boulevard Collection continuously researches, develops and innovate new concepts for its cabinetry, incorporating premium world-class technologies into its cabinetry. Many of the products incorporated into our cabinetry designs, have won the much acclaimed and coveted Reddot International Design Awards bestowed on the international designers of note.

Some of our work has been nominated for Unique Product Category Awards by the Chamber of Commerce and have been unique in SA. It is not unexpected to meet clients requesting a particular trademark design we showed in one of our magazine advertisements six years ago.

Our company has become known for our extraordinary efforts in designing unique and individual cabinetry portfolios. We do not only care for a basic requirement, but also aim to compliment the project by means of our ability to manufacture or procure value-added products and services.

Boulevard Collection Cabinetry™ makes a big impact and is confidently skilled to compliment the décor and design studio. This is where cabinetry concepts and ideas result in functional solutions – a true reflection of our design skill and experience.

In every project we take on, we compliment your concepts and ideas with our innovative and functional solutions. – from a lifestyle perspective!

All cabinetry shown in our projects have been designed and produced inhouse by Boulevard Collection International™. Our designers are experts, and passionately explore cupboard design styles to suit the requirement for every room in your home. While there are numerous concepts contributing to your design style, there are also many functional systems you may want to incorporate.

Our craftsmen have been with our company for many years and have mastered numerous manufacturing techniques to create products passionately described by all as being “the boulevard idea™” – products in stark contrast to the norm™.

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