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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should we choose Boulevard Decor™?

The Boulevard label has a proven track record of more than two decades and we are able to assist in much more than only furniture and décor supply. Not only do we know where to find what, we also have selected brands and suppliers in our network, some of which are exclusive to ourselves. Our forte includes even more than furniture and décor provisions that we make available – we also do space planning and interior design, full turn-key solutions if requested, and are able to manage large projects both locally in SA and internationally.

Boulevard Collection Design Studio™  is responsible and passionate about design of interior spaces should you require our assistance. For example, when requested, we get involved with ceiling lay-outs, lighting layouts and everything imaginable to better the end result of your project (read more about the design studio)

We are a well-known reputable name in the industry and our sister company, Boulevard Collection Cabinetry™  has been designing, manufacturing and installing custom cabinetry in projects for many years both locally and internationally. We are able to take control of your interior requirements in a professional manner and have had highly successful results in our projects over the years.

We do what we say we do, from design & specifying, through to implementation.

How long does it take before I receive a quote?

Quotations on standard stock items typically are provided within the same day of enquiry. In various instances, final pricing has to be obtained from our suppliers. Quotations on imported products are based on the currency exchange rate of the day and may take up to three working days. Quotations are not provided after working hours, during a weekend or on a public holiday. Should your enquiry be made after working hours, during a weekend or on a public holiday, we will make contact with you as soon as we reopen.

Can custom products be made on order?

A large number of products on this platform are made to order. In some cases, products are able to be manufactured in the required size requested, whilst in other instances, you may be able to select or provide fabric of your choice for upholstery work or similar. Though we have tried to indicate which products are available in custom specifications, we advise that you add a note of your request with regard to your custom order or special request when you complete the form requesting a quotation.

We will make contact with you to discuss the requirement in detail so as to ensure we know exactly what you want, and proceed to provide our quotation based on the amended specifications. Should there be anything specific you were not able to find on this website, you are welcome to request a quotation.

Are you able to assist with alternatives when I do not seem to find what I am looking for?

We are definitely in a position to assist and advise. Please advise on the product or item you are looking for and let us do the work.

Are you only able to assist with product types displayed on this online showroom?

No, over the years we have been appointed to specify and supply virtually every product imaginable required for interior space design and décor.

We have also project managed numerous disciplines of the scope of works relating to new builds and renovation projects. You are welcome to discuss with us the extent in which you require our involvement, whether it be on consultation basis only, or more in-depth interaction relating to turn-key project management. (refer to our projects page for examples of our involvement)

Do I need to discuss anything with the manufacturer /trade suppliers of products which I purchase from Boulevard Decor?

No, you are our client and only deal with us. We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers and as a result can take care of any issues which may arrive, if at all.

Is there a quality guarantee /Are the products under guarantee?

Boulevard Décor™  aims to only offer products which are covered under quality guarantees. In some cases, products may have varying guarantees between 2-10 years, depending on the product and manufacturing. Should anything seem to be incorrect or faulty, we remain your first contact for any claims under guarantees.

Are your products sourced locally or internationally?

The Boulevard Group is both a manufacturer, importer and exporter of bespoke quality goods. Besides making available imported products in SA, we also from time to time offer products manufactured in SA. All products undergo our stringent qualification appraisals relating to various important issues, such as workmanship, reliability of the supplier, durability of the product and also available guarantees on products. Additionally, our focus is on the suitability of products in our environment and for your functional preference.

The Boulevard Group comprises a group of companies under the Boulevard label and have been built over more than two decades. For this reason, whilst guaranteeing some of its own products manufactured inhouse for a period of ten years, the company will not taint its own reputation by selecting to provide products from inferior quality manufacturers, whether local or abroad.

How much is the delivery fee, freight or shipping cost?

Delivery fees vary based on size and weight of products and depends on the final port of destination. Please submit the product(s) you have interest in together with your area – we will call on necessary freight or related pricing as applicable and provide our official quotation. We are familiar with exporting and can assist international buyers in various ways.

What is the estimated delivery time /When will my order be delivered /How long after ordering does my order get shipped out?

Orders are usually finalised on the first business day after payment has cleared. You may experience different waiting periods depending on the time of year. However, delivery times are always discussed before you make payment as some products may be in stock, whilst others may be imported. Additionally, some products are custom made to order and various products have different lead times from manufacturers. The exact time frame will depend on factors such as the exact location of delivery and size of the order. Deliveries occur on weekdays within normal business hours (public holidays excluded).

How will I know when my order is on its way?

Confirmation of dispatch is provided once goods have been collected by couriers and /or transporters. Tracking details are emailed to you as soon as your order has been dispatched. The tracking number may be used to track your parcel directly with the 3rd party courier or with ourselves. This can be done telephonically or on the relevant websites. Transporters of larger shipments are instructed to provide us with trip reports which enable us to monitor consignments on a daily basis.

Your large order made up of various items, will have a dedicated coordinator who will prepare your personal Project Management Plan (PMP), assigning responsibilities to specially selected service partners (if applicable). The PMP, which includes everything from the detailed product summaries, becomes our road map from the point of origin to your port of destination. Our experts work carefully to meet this plan while personally handling all matters relevant. Throughout the process we are in constant contact with you to update on orders as applicable – regardless where you are. We remain available to discuss both telephonically and by email throughout until the order is complete.

Where are you able to deliver to?

We are able to deliver to all cities and towns within the South-African borders, as well as export to cross-border countries. There may occasionally be a remote or high-risk area that may not be serviced by our couriers, but in these isolated cases, we will contact you to make alternative arrangements before the order is dispatched. Also refer Importing from SA.

Who will deliver my order?

The Boulevard Group makes use of various reliable contracted third-party couriers and reputable transporters – some with a national delivery network and others with an international network. All our couriers and transporters have been contracted by ourselves for many years. Where products need to be flown in from aboard, or we are exporting to SADC countries, we have contact with clearing agents who we have established a rapport with over the past years.

Anything specific I should take note of when my order arrives?

The number of items you have ordered may not necessarily correspond with the number of cartons delivered on the waybill as more than one item may be packaged in a carton. The most important thing you should do is to ensure that the number of cartons delivered to you matches with the quantity listed on the waybill. Do not sign for goods you have not received. If the packaging has noticeable damages, please note this on the waybill and report any damages or shortages to us within two business days. We advise you read our Terms and Conditions for a more detailed information.

  • Contact us by telephone or send us a mail with your enquiry with your name and contact details.
  • Kindly also email a PDF format floorplan of your new house (not enlarged or reduced)
  • We will schedule a telephonic “appointment” during which we will do a full brief to discuss your design and style preference, functionality, colours and your personal needs.
  • Based on your brief we will do a concept design and let you know that we are ready to discuss /meet with you. We may email designs to you to confirm that we are on the right track with your design and to provide perspective that enables you to make any concept changes.   You will normally (depending on the scope of works and nature of the requirement) receive perspective drawings as rendered images done at different angles to give you a clear overview of proportions of the areas involved.
  • After changes were made, you will receive your revised drawing based on discussions with you and proposed changes.
  • If you consider our design a possible route you want to pursue at this point, we arrange a showroom meeting wherein we will show our work on display, discuss any accessories and inserts you may have in mind, as well as choose and confirm final material, colour and stone works choices.
  • We are now ready to do a quote, which will be based upon selections made in our showroom and for your perusal.
  • The process toward ordering your cabinetry portfolio evolves as all projects do, and we guide you throughout the process to ensure all details are taken care of.
Will you be able to give me an estimated price on my cabinetry requirements during a telephone enquiry?

Unfortunately, not.  At Boulevard Collection™, we do not have any standard kitchens, bar, studies or cabinetry.  All our kitchens and cabinetry are custom designed and manufactured according to your specific needs, as well as the available space.  We don’t supply; we design and aim to introduce new concepts as often as possible if allowed.  We define the project and then implement the design principles in a way that manifests in a uniquely designed space.

Our forte is the fact that we don’t offer anything that is termed ‘standard’, every space and design for that space is distinct – we have no limitations in what is possible in terms of design. Our final product is as unique as you are.

I am renovating and only need the cabinets. Why do I need a kitchen design all over again and why do my appliances have anything to do with it?

An updated kitchen adds more resale value to your home than any other upgrade. Installing new cabinets that clash or contrast with your existing appliances, paint or flooring lessens this result. A comprehensive kitchen design, executed by a professional, will ensure that your investment adds maximum value and is aesthetically pleasing.

I love one of your signature elements. In particular; the suspended intermediate glass shelves over a kitchen island. May I order this as a stand-alone item to add to my existing kitchen in order to enhance it and also give it that wow factor?

We specialise in complete interior projects, whether a kitchen, bar, office or any area in discussion, which will, in every single aspect represents what the brand and label of Boulevard Collection™ stand for. We unfortunately will not assist with such a request.

Why should I choose Boulevard Collection™ for my cabinetry?

Boulevard Collection International™ started out more than two decades ago as a manufacturing kitchen and related cabinetry company.  During the years, cabinetry design and manufacturing have become our forte and the Boulevard™ label speaks of designs and products of note.

The Boulevard™ label has a proven track record of more than two decades – since 1996!  We value your uniqueness as much as we value quality.

We never compromise the project or quality as we respect the value of your investment.  Selected brands and suppliers form part of our network and have been part of the history of Boulevard Collection International™.

More importantly, our targeted and focussed design approach invites discussion to make the best use possible of the space to be designed.  Function and aesthetic appeal are paramount while we also understand that purchases such as these you are about to make, directly reflects on your person and the decisions you make; as perceived by people in your circle.

Boulevard Collection International™ is highly experienced in the full scope of interior and cabinetry design and as such the scope of works we are able to assist with, has over the years evolved into complete turn-key operations – should this be requested by clients.

Read more here:

What we do for projects 

What should I look out for in making a decision for my Cabinetry supplier?

There are many important factors playing in on the sustainability of a potential supplier as well as the products on offer.  Below are three issues we believe directly impacts the hopefully joyous experience in the use of your cabinetry over the anticipated time to come.

The long-standing of the company should typically confirm its ability to offer support in future, if needed.  When you need maintenance work or alterations done in 10 -20 years, they should still be around.  They must, so to speak, have stood the test of time.

Be curious and cautious which drawer runners and hinges are being used, as that will determine the ultimate longevity of your cabinetry and avoid future replacements.   Although initially more expensive, opt for prime quality products – especially on hardware.  Boulevard Collection™ will again not compromise on quality.

Boulevard Collection™ cabinetry carries a 10-year cabinet guarantee, lifetime guarantee on door hinges and drawer runners, and in addition, a 3-year guarantee on workmanship.  This is a result of our decision to only use hardware which are almost at the top end of the available range; albeit that this comes at a slightly inflated price point.

With Boulevard Collection International™, one buys a hassle-free process and operation accompanied by the necessary guarantees in place that enables us to easily keep our promises made during the design and ordering process of your cabinetry portfolio.

Beware of sales people who make promises before they understand the project. A good designer and manufacturer will ask you detailed questions, keep your needs in high importance, what you want the end result to look like, how you would like to use the space, and approximately how much time and money you’d like to invest. If a designer isn’t asking these questions, he is not interested in meeting your needs, only his own.

Is there anything else I should consider when commencing with my kitchen or other cabinetry portfolio?

Yes.  Cabinets are just the first step in a sequence of events which can easily be planned if proper attention is given to detail and organized professionally. Your cabinetry budget will be determined by multi-faceted factors.

Kitchens, bathrooms, etc require new plumbing fixtures, electrical installation, appliances and for international projects transport, installation, and other travel expenses.

Once an order has been placed for kitchen or other cabinetry in your portfolio, we ensure that proper final measurements are taken onsite and compare our designs with the actual build and the space available as applicable.  It is primary for us to issue proper Services Installation drawings, which may include, electrical- plumbing-, lighting and other services for artisans to make use of during their installations.  We manage the thinking, the planning, the organizing and execution of all disciplines as far as allowed by yourself; in a process aimed at ensuring all is taken care of in a pro-active manner.

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