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“A WORKING formula:
Unique, Individual and finely crafted”


The Space…

We understand that the vision of people for their projects is unique. Using our passion for creating stylish and luxurious spaces, we incorporate products and designs unparalleled to each individual customer. This we achieve with our attention to detail in all our projects. A professional service of innovative design is offered and commitment to hands-on personal service paramount. While clients’ needs and requirements are carefully considered throughout the design process, the project remains the deciding factor to ensure elegant functionality is primary in the search to create designed spaces of note, reflecting the client’s taste, seek for comfort and individuality.

The Concept…

With intelligent design and décor elements, we continuously search for uniquely different products that offer a crisp and fresh touch and take on style – based on the theme we established for the interior. Here the concept with décor and furniture recommendations, colour to furnishings and fittings, design ideas and displays are transformed to deliver a coherent whole.

To Innovate...

Since 1996, the Boulevard™ label had the vision to provide designs, products and services unfamiliar to the marketplace. Over the years we have pushed the boundaries in design while continuously striving to innovate new products, create new items and be trend-setters in an industry where we proved we do things in stark contrast to the norm. Our efforts resulted in having designed various unique effects and concepts which we proudly refer to as our signature designs. Such designs have proved to be timeless and remain popular for many years. It meant that we involuntarily steered away from period design. Also, since 1996, we have welcomed challenges put forward for specific ideas needing to be designed and produced for our projects – much to the delight of our clients. It need not be typical – we aspire to unparalleled design - distinctive and with a drive to innovate.

The Theme - for Uniquely Stylish Living...

Guiding the project on a consultation basis, we help to achieve styles and ideas complementing the intended end result. With each project the theme is different, but the common threads between each are intelligently planned and realized in a result that enhances stylish living. Each theme is based on quality and longevity, celebrating the foundations that go on to create strong and amazing settings with sometimes daring fundamentals. Powerful theme setting may result from inspirational and original design ethic when the progressive nature of projects is explored over many months.

The Plan...

Life's pretty straight without Boulevard™. We bring the interior to life, it is different. Look in the design, it makes everything better - it is how Boulevard™ design is done. A passionate pursuit of design; any time, any place. It's that feeling. The designs say hot, the label says Boulevard™! We have proven that detailed planning, comfort, quality and livability are truly the key to successful design and interior. “an opportunity to express the character of your project through aesthetics in an agile work space strategy”

The Project...

Here’s a thought: ‘We work for the project and not always the people funding the project.’ And a slogan of ours confirms with: “A promise never to compromise – where the project matters.” It is yours, but you leave it in our care for a while until we give it back to you. We have virtually perfected our project management to such a degree that we simply do not have any unhappy clients, outstanding monies from clients or any work not taken care of. The variety in our projects have given us a wide and well-founded scope of experience to enable us to successfully execute contracts. How the project manifests in the end results is what it is all about.

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