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“Design is thinking made visual”

In line with our approach to comprehensively fulfil almost every aspect of interior design and décor supply for projects, is our ability to also correctly assist with various disciplines in our scope of works. Over many years, we have established healthy relationships with numerous international and local suppliers and service providers engaged in our operations.

Employed by Boulevard™  as project managers, these suppliers and service providers engage in clearly defined integral functions and capacities, as instructed by Boulevard™, to successfully complete our projects both technically and practically correct. As project managers we take from our clients all that needs to be managed in a way that we are empowered to act on behalf of our clients, whilst in conjunction with their ideals and input.

Relevant subject matter pertaining to unique and additional disciplines we are involved with in our projects, are fittingly researched and studied extensively – to the extent that we are fully capable to correctly advise on numerous aspects relevant to projects. In other instances we have on numerous occasions successfully managed such disciplines that require careful and detailed input.

Our knowledge base further has its foundations from various suppliers and service providers we have approached over years to guide and advise us on different aspects, so as to enable us to confidently be in a position to provide correct and value-adding advice as well as problem-solving initiatives to clients. Such suppliers and service providers have been in our network for many years and understand our methodologies, goals and aspirations to successfully complete our projects – hassle-free to clients.

As a result, Boulevard Collection International™  is especially appointed in projects in foreign countries where we successfully manage and implement various aspects required for projects. Our infra-structure and methodologies applied ensures that the logistics of eg distance in another country, hardly plays any role in the success of our project goals and implementation.

Establishing the interior theme visually and ensuring we have a well-defined road map for the project, some disciplines we can assist with, are:



  • Window and door schedules attendance relating to influences on interior design and aesthetics
  • Attendance relating to practical and aesthetically pleasing positioning of internal walls and doors
  • Reticulation and switching of lighting circuitry based on lighting specified
  • Draughting of services installation drawings for plumbing, lighting- and electrical requirements
  • Efficiency capacity planning of, sourcing and supply of air conditioning, climate control and heating requirements
  • Examining and proposals for water filtration based on actual events existent on site
  • Project management extent as agreed with client



  • Total interior design and space planning as applicable to the project – complementing the super structure architecture and vision of the architect
  • Design, manufacture and installation of complete cabinetry portfolios
  • Cinema design including specifying and supplies of all related seating, interior requirements, etc
  • Design, specification of-, sourcing and supply and installation of custom glass works elements
  • Design of home salons including specifying, procurement and implementation
  • Design of and specifying of complete self-sufficient outdoor kitchens, including all supplies
  • Design, specifying, procurement and supplies of mirror effects including installations where needed
  • Ceiling design and supply of work drawings for ceiling teams
  • Lighting design, lighting lay-out, specifying, procurement and supplies as applicable
  • Design, procurement and supply of custom design of furniture items and related items
  • Design, procurement or manufacture, and supply of custom wall art



  • Specifying, procurement, supply and installation of window and door schedules
  • Specifying and supply of brassware (including fitment of intricate components)
  • Specifying of sanitary ware, procurement and supplies as needed to complement interior
  • Specifying and supply of general task and accent lighting
  • Specifying, sourcing and supply of all types of floor coverings required
  • Specifying, procurement and installation of carpeting requirements
  • Specifying, procurement, supply and installation of balustrading requirements
  • All matters related to stone- or marble works including specifying, sourcing and supplies
  • Specifying and supply of bathroom accessories
  • Specifying and establishing of options, procurement and installation of wall paper on site
  • Specifying and supply of appliances – we are registered brand dealers
  • Specifying, procurement and supply of décor and furniture items for complete interior
  • Specifying of fabrics and upholstery needed for custom furniture including



  • Colour coordination for textiles, fabrics, upholstery work, paint, etc as needed
  • Colour coordination of soft furnishings and wall-, floor and other coverings – interior and exterior
  • Attendance to all interior décor specifying and supply to compliment the interior design.

“quality is an investment with the highest returns”

Our expertise adds value to projects. It is a healthy idea to appoint professionals to guide the process along, albeit at a cost. Involving your interior designer at an early stage of your project, pays dividends and even save money with mistakes made that only surface during the build. Interior designers are known to also assist with proportional concepts of spaces and this is where we need to address the focus and goal of your project.

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